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What is it?

ReApptor is designed to help you untangle complex issues that always emerge during your digitalization journey. With ReApptor we can revolutionize industrial trends and norms to provide you modern ways to do business.

For the customer perspective ReApptor is scalable component-based library that provides scalability and functionalities to a wide variety of business needs. Integration to existing environment or data can be achieved with out standard integration capabilities.

Build something unique with our proven and
game-changing development tools without heavy investments

With us you will get

Templates ready for your ideas and businesses

We have combined our components into templates to make it easier to start creating your own cross-platform solutions in a matter of days. Few of the common templates used in various applications are shown below.

ReApptor ecommerce solution example

eCommercial applications

eCommercial template will help you to build applications that enable collaboration with your customers. The solution has all the required features from inventory management to payment solutions. The template can be enriched with many advanced features to understand customer behaviour or to keep track of the rented equipment.

Customer or WF Identity & Access Management

Essential for every solution that requires authentication or authorization of the user. The solution is not only a login or a registration page, but includes many required features to secure your application(s) from unauthorised users. 

Virtual and augmented reality applications​

Today many industries have already adopted futuristic features that can be achieved with Virtual and/or Augmented reality applications. We have created interesting features that enable the user to design environments in a drag’n’drop manner and jump into 3D scape to see how it looks.


Digitalized process tool

Simple yet powerful tool for creating tailored workflows and processes that can be used for various needs. The tool can be used to transform a manual process into digital form which can be accessed from any device. Collected data can be safely stored to be used for other purposes or later inspections.


Let us combine our components and modules to build a crafted and secure solution for your specific needs!

Components and modules can be found for many different business applications e.g. financial managements tools, Data analytics, AI and IOT. 

Why would you be interested?

Because only your imagination can be the limit of your business!

Who is behind ReApptor

ReApptor is developed and maintained by WeAre Solutions Oy.

Together with our passionate and skillful team, we provide end-to-end solution development services not to only meet the existing, but also to foresee and outrun the future challenges.

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